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Mirtos South Crete :: 3 Apartments & 1 Studio


No, you don’t find Mirtos in the brochures or the internet sites of major tour operators. Luckily not.

This village is a bit for gourmet. Greece gratuities, which appreciate the atmosphere, authenticity and hospitality. People who are fond of small scale do not get lost in the village, do not get under the feet, but immerse themselves in a friendly atmosphere.

Why is this?

Unlike many holiday spots, Mirtos was not built for tourism, but for the authentic population, mostly farmers. In the eighties, the first holiday makers arrived and there happened to be some space for them. Accommodation has has been built, but not massive and large-scale. That is why Mirtos does not cross the heads. Space enough.

The boulevard, which also originated in the eighties, is Mirtos’ main attraction. Built along the beach, where free sun beds are offered today. Well, the owners, all catering companies, expect you to order some food or drinks. That makes sense. During the day, guests will visit the terraces for lunch or a drink and in the evening to eat and flan with an ice cream in the hand, for example. By the way, Mirtos is not expensive for food and drinks.

The village center also has a few kafenions and restaurants, but also a big and small supermarket, even two butchers, a bakery, a pharmacy and nice shops with sometimes very unique souvenirs.

During the holiday season you can hear live music everywhere. Almost always Greek and / or Cretan, but sometimes also very special, other music. With a wine, a glass of Raki or Ouzo you can listen listen to music in a wonderful evening atmosphere.

And the temperature?

Mirtos is in a small area with a micro climate, let’s say a subtropical climate. It is especially hot and dry in the spring and late season. The big Dikti mountain holds Mirtos and a few other coastal villages in her shelter. A healthy, often dry air, where people with muscular and joint complaints often benefit.

It’s nice to watch some of the town’s movies:

‘Mirtos the movie’ 1 and 2, in total 19 minutes

‘Mirtos on the Move’ A video clip about Mirtos as an activity village

‘Mirtos under the Palmtree’ with also nice drone footage.

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