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Mirtos South Crete :: 3 Apartments & 1 Studio


In recent years, some people have ensured that Mirtos has also become more attractive as a hiking area. Hiking guide Angela Sturmayr has set out several routes, starting almost all from the village. The hosts of Villa Mertiza and Aleikos Panorama have supported this in various ways. A few years ago, with the foundations of Angela’s extended walks, a booklet appeared with nine walks and information about Mirtos.

‘Discover Mirtos on Foot’ is a handy hiking book and a nice souvenir for only 7.50 Euro each. In Villa Mertiza it is for sale, but also in some shops in the village.

More information about hiking can be found on our website www.mirtoshikingvillage.com and on the hiking site of Angela Sturmayr www.walkingdimension.com

We also have mountainbikes for rent. These can be picked up at Villa Mertiza around 19:00 and then be used the following day.

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