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Mirtos South Crete :: 3 Apartments & 1 Studio


Aleikos Panorama has two floors. The owners live on the top floor. This is a very friendly, hardworking family, from whom you will hardly hear anything. They have garden land and will occasionally surprise you with the most delicious tomatoes and cucumbers, all of which are biologically grown.

The lower floor consists of two apartments that are very suitable for 2 – 3 persons and an apartment that seats 4 to 5 people. All three have a separate bedroom and additional sleeping in the living room. The only studio is not that big, but has everything you need.

In the kitchens you will find enough material to prepare breakfast or cook your supper. A microwave, kettle, coffee maker and refrigerator are provided.

The bathrooms are equipped with toilet and shower with shower cubicle.

The mattresses in the bedrooms have an additional top mattress and large pillows, so you can sleep well. You do that anyway, because the outside develops a sound sleep and it is so peaceful.

Outside you have a nice seat, but also a higher table with matching chairs. Relaxing under the umbrella or in full sun. In addition, there are sunbeds, which you can use right in front of your your residence or on the shared terrace.

Because the outdoors in Aleikos Panorama is very pleasant.

Do you still want to contact the outside world? There is, of course free of cost, Wifi available.

In your studio or apartment you will find an information folder about your accommodation, Mirtos and what you can do in the near or further vicinity.

And what else?

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